To kill hate it takes a special weapon. To kill hate it takes a unique vision. To kill hate takes a desire to build rather than destroy. In a musical landscape that profits off of hate it takes a special artist to refuse the money soaked in blood and instead to turn over the soil and plant seeds of love. That artist is Akilah Brock. Native of Jamaica has made her home in the United States since she was a child.

Living in Long Island,NY provided one kind of shelter, but it did not shield her from the harsh realities of a world being torn apart by ignorance and greed. But instead of giving into the forces of destruction and distraction, she channeled her desire to improve her world through music. Describing her style as Gangsta Gospel, she is only aggressive in her desire to improve the world around her. Hence her nickname, Killah Kam.


“I think the music needs to reflect what the world needs,” she says. “I think we’ve had enough gang-banging, sex and violence. ‘Me taking your girl. Me fuckin your man.’ Now I think it’s time for us to respect each other as human beings and work together, especially as Black people.” Inspired by artists like Kanye West and Lauryn Hill who bridged hip-hop with spirituality, she began recording music in 2011 and released her first mixtape Mayday in 2012.

The Ones